LE Birthday Bag Code Name Mr Wiggleswort

ctrl f5 does

do you know how to turn on the desktop notifications?

You’re good…you mentally sent those to me and I scored the box of champions! Thank you kindly Moles! Say hi to Oogie! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

they did two LE within twenty minutes of each other?


Well at the end of the Woot Off they tend to put up a low-end Walmart Printer or a projector for $800 and play some Angry Birds or something.

Try clickin on your avatar in the upper right, go to gears cog then notifications and enable live notifications?

After 10 years of wooting… I finally got my BOC! Please don’t let me down, may it be the crappiest of crap!

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Can you buy one regular BOC and a LE BOC?


if you are lucky enough to get the LE BOC

So are all LE BOCs at this link, or are they scattered throughout the woot site?

New link for each LE. Newest one just sold out.

And where do you look for the new links?

The same place you found this one

@ThunderThighs - My “stuff I bought” still shows this as “checking inventory”…should I keep trying for LE bags?

Yeah, it got stuck as the one right after we sold out. I canceled it for you so you can try again…