LE Birthday Bag Code Name November


But it charges shipping? I thought these had either no shipping or free Prime shipping?

Oh well, still stoked!


I was literally sitting here smashing F5 and as soon as the item comes up its already sold out.


Was refreshing and it was sold out as soon as it appeared. I don’t get it.

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I had the same issue

I have prime but was charged shipping

Im still in the VOP. :sleepy:

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Does the VoP every pan out? I’ve never had it work for me.


Got one , and the last wooter too

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me too =<

I was going to say the same thing. Refreshing and it shows up as sold out. If there is a reliable site to track these items BEFORE they appear for sale, i would love to know.

Contact customer service and they will refund shipping. They did it for me earlier on another item

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I would always shake when I fought TzTok-Jad and fail to switch my prayers. So I never had a fire cape until I got chaotic maul (and it was during EoC). If you know, you know.

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I did get past VOP once on a regular bag of crap a couple months ago to the checkout screen, but it then got removed from my cart.

its gone thru for me before, after waiting like 5min =0

I don’t get it…i was spamming refresh and it sold out

Question… If you purchased a normal $9.99 BOC today can you still get an LE BOC? I’m assuming no but thought I would ask.

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yeah i got charged for shipping and tax that added $9.50

Does the VOP not gently kick you out eventually anymore? Just lets you hang out there for minutes… hours…days…?

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now that a majority of the long time wooters got one, i think ill have a chance for next time.