LE Birthday Bag Code Name Trixie

LE Birthday Bag Code Name Trixie


straight to the VOP! … aaaand got through the VOP only to have it sold out, so frustraing

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Best luck everyone!

Yeah… sorry, but not sorry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got one!


clicked within 5 seconds AT LEAST and instant VOP


Didn’t even get to VOP.

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straight to VOP

sold out in 15 seconds

F5ing and didn’t even know it came up. Saw someone’s remark on Twitch.

That one never showed

Another unobtainable bag of crap

what is the best way to find when these come up? refresh the forum or refresh the sellout.woot.com site? Thx!

Hahah, the notification for foil popped up for me first, then this. And by the time I clicked on this (immediately on pop up), it had 271 views already.

This might explain why I have only managed to SEE one other LE item and one BoC today…

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You don’t have to refresh the forum.

It autoloads new posts.

I’d suggest watching this:



well first one of these I made to VOP… PROGRESS!

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you got “last wooter to woot”