Le Caramel 3 pack - Caramels, Caramel with Chocolate, and Caramel Cream

Le Caramel 3 pack - Caramels, Caramel with Chocolate, and Caramel Cream
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 1/2 lb Caramels made with Salted Butter
1 15.5 oz. Jar of Caramel Topping made with Salted Butter
1 15 oz. Jar of Caramel Cream made with Chocolate

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I got this the last time, only without the caramels… it’s definitely some of the best caramel products available – I can only hope the caramels don’t pull loose my fillings!..

In for one…

This stuff is as good as it gets…nice job WD you got me three times this week… sheesh

I’m guessing these probably pair well with a big, tannic red wine. Not taste-wise, of course, but because you’ll need all the reservatrol you can get to counteract the ton of butter in each one.

Also, third week in a row with Food Friday. Whoever was whining before, you can kindly shuttee now. :tongue:

I’d agree, I got this last time (it had the caramel cream but not the other two) and it was some of the best caramel I’ve ever had. Fabulous!

i bought their 3 packs a few months ago and it is excellent caramel, made some nice gifts too. more expensive than your local supermarket, but there honestly is a difference. tempted to pick up some of this, but i still have some of the previous stuff around. maybe next time.

Oh, and what’s the shipping situation like for these? I see we’re back at $5, so I imagine there’s no special precautions taken, but I bet this stuff can get cooked just as easily (or moreso) than wine. I’d hate to drop $25 on this only to end up with a bag of hard, impossible-to-unwrap caramels and two jars of crusty caramel lava. Are they at least packaged in styrofoam?

The last time these were up (without the wrapped caramels), they shipped in styrofoam. I imagine this will be the same.

Yum, I love when woot introduces new food items. They are always top of the line, got to try these.

Any idea about the shelf life of this stuff? I am especially nervous since it says not to refrigerate. The wife and I do not go through toppings as quickly as we could. E.g. we still have some of the Brandini toffee bits from December.

What is the Shelf Life on these???

Hi everyone,

We are glad to be back on wine.woot! We know you’ll enjoy the Woot Launch and the candies.

I’ll be here to answer to your questions.

Bon appétit!

What’s the best way to store these once they are opened? I’ve noticed that on my previous ones I get a bit of crystalization on the top layer. Still tastes amazing but the texture changes. Is there a way I could avoid this?

The shelf life of the products is at least 6 months. It is not mandatory to refrigerate them especially if you close them tight but if you want to, you can: you will just need to reheat the jars before using them.

We recommend to keep the candies next to your chocolate: avoid direct sunlight (for example :wink: and prefer a dry cool place.

Eat faster. :wink:

Any Idea of the Product date? When was this stuff made? Has is been sitting in a warehouse for the past 6 months?

The best way to keep them is to close them tight and store the products in a dry cool place. We took into account every remark and we improved the recipe: our products are still preservative free and stabilizer free but the texture sould be identical “all jar long”.

Oh Yum! I’m still savoring the last set I got - I refuse to use it too often because then it will be gone…perhaps that’s not rational but I still have caramel and you don’t.

Well, that wasn’t very nice, was it? This is really really good caramel. I may have to buy more.

The candies have been handcrafted this week and will be handcrafted this coming weekend. The jared products have been cooked last week.