Le Caramel Bundle (4)



Le Caramel Bundle 4-Pack
$16.99 (Normally $25.00) 32% off List Price
2 - Le Caramel Caramel Cream 6.5oz
1 - Le Caramel Chocolate Cream 6.5oz
1 - Le Caramel Chocolate Caramels 6oz.


Bought this before. The caramels are not good. Would spend my money elsewhere.


The caramels were pretty good! We got the during one of the recent Woot Offs and everyone around here liked them. Can’t say anything about the sauces, though; we have four jars of unopened stuff.


The sauces are INCREDIBLE, particularly the caramel. Put them on ice cream if you dare.


I hate items like this that no one is going to buy😰


I would buy this if it was all chocolate, not caramel.


Does this come with a spoon or will I need to supply my own?


I bought 1 just to get some wine up. Hope its good. Caramels like pizza, even bad caramels good, right???


How about a smoothie straw!! Instant gratification, no waiting! Mmmmm…


ABSOLUTELY!! (Unless it has green stuff growing in it.)

Oh, BTW - Peanut butter is fantastic on pizza!! Seriously! If ya like pizza (and aren’t on a diet), you MUST try it!


Disappointing that this is going so slow.


Well, I’ve been waiting for some Fleur de Sel Chocolate Covered Caramels, so I guess I can spring for this and move things along. Since I’m doing it to help out, the calories don’t count, right?


Want to talk movies?

What to talk about movies released in 1993?


Go forth and spew your opinion!


Sounds right to me.


I got one, looking forward to it.


I have seen this stupid Carmel for 2 and a half hours!:japanese_goblin:


I wish I liked carmel. sigh


Wishing this would be moved to “sellout”…hoping this category moves on sometime soon.


Movies? 1993? Basic Instinct??

Ok looked it up…that movie released in 92. I didn’t see it until '93…