Le Caramel Sample Pack (7)

Le Caramel Sample 7-Pack
$24.99 (Normally $42.99) 42% off List Price
Le Caramel Caramel Cream (11 oz.)
Le Caramel Chocolate Cream (10 oz.) 2-Pack
Le Caramel Sea Salt Caramels (6 oz.) 2-Pack
Le Caramel Chocolate Caramels (6 oz.) 2-Pack


I bought this before. My tastebuds were ecstatic, as the product is unbelievably delicious. My waistline was less enthusiastic.

Highly recommended for high-metabolizing skinny bitches.

Not the caramels I was looking for. But I will give them a chance. I have been looking for the company they used to carry but I don’t even see their website active last I looked which is a shame.

Something makes me think Reddit would love these… :slight_smile:

This better not be a replacement product for the fluer de sel salted caramels. I want those back asap. This may tide me over, but not sure I care about the caramel cremes. Which this was just the caramels.

chocolate covered salted caramels? those were ridiculous, i need more!!

This was so wonderful…disappears quickly with the family. Tempted to buy more.

Any wine that people might suggest as a perfect compliment to go alongside all of the Caramel?

Caramels so good. In for one!

It says New Website Coming Soon

Full of the white man’s poison (at least the creams are) - high fructose corn syrup. Read about it.


Edit: BTW, I love this caramel cream. It’s as good as the fleur de sel caramels - just a little different. Best served off the tip of your finger in huge gobs. If this were all caramel cream, I’d be in, but I’m less into the chocolate.


Woohoo! That is awesome to see last I checked it was just a blank page.

previous offerings were a 3 pack of the jars, 2 salted caramel, 1 chocolate cream for either $10 or $15 (can’t remember and too lazy to go back to 2011 or 2010 woots to verify). For the extra caramels this is a deal but not what I was hoping for. I’ll just wait another year or so till they bring back the other offer :frowning:

Not only are the caramels good, the chocolate sauce is FANTASTIC! This makes the best hot fudge sundaes. The old school, thick and sticky kind of hot fudge.

This is an auto buy for me every time it comes up.


Maybe it is just me but I only thought the other sel caramels were, well, just good. I did not think they were great, over the top, best caramels I have ever had. I’m a toffee, caramel lover too.

I ordered the Fleur de Sel chocolate caramels 3 times previously, with a double order last time. Frankly, even though they are totally awesome, I got a little tired of them. I ordered this for something different. My first time to try these. I like that they include the caramels but wish they had 2 caramel sauce instead of 2 chocolate. I can get chocolate sauce anywhere (and I make a pretty good one too).

Me, too, although I don’t get many hot fudge sundaes out of one jar. Not so much the size of the jar as the size of the spoon I use to dish it up. And avoiding eating it right off the spoon before it gets to the ice cream.