Le Caramel Three - Pack Sampler

Darn - not wine…

Ohhh mama is this stuff good!

In for 1

nooooooooooo i hope there is a small inventory of this or it’ll take up the rest of the work day

I’m quite happy this showed up in the Woot-off, it’s oh, so GOOD!

Other than pour it on ice cream, what can you do with this stuff?

Vinturi please! It’s the one thing I am 100% in for sure on.

The first time this came up for sale on wine.woot, I bought two. One for myself and one for my mom, as a housewarming gift.

That was only a few weeks ago.

I am now buying MORE. For myself. Mostly because (yes) it’s that good.

SOOO tempted…those of you who have tried it, is it worth $20 for ice-cream toppings?

This is probably my favorite wine.woot food item I’ve gotten from here. This is seriously good caramel.

The best way to eat this is straight from the jar with a spoon while sitting in front of “Deadliest Catch”. I can’t tell you why that works. It just does.

You can always pour it on other people. You know for things completely unrelated to what you’re thinking I’m saying :wink:

This will be a great wedding gift add-on to satisfy my sister’s sweet tooth!

Yes, but I’d say that the ice-cream is purely optional.

so how good is it? worth giving as a gift?

This stuff is sooo good you can’t eat it standing up is makes you weak in the knees!


thread from March wooting

I will say I’m tempted…

I just had apples dipped in the caramel cream for a mid-afternoon snack! It really is fabulous stuff and I highly recommend it.

I read through the treads, drooled, and purchased one.

i want to orxder one for me and one for my sister …different addresses. WIll it allow me to hit the buy button twice? If not, i will order 2 to my same address – but dont want to only order one at a time if I will be blocked from a second order…

Give in to your temptation - at least for this caramel. It really is that delicious.