Le Caramel Three - Pack Sampler

Le Caramel Three - Pack Sampler
$19.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Delicious, Addictive, Yummy
1 Caramel Cream made with Salted Butter 14 ounce jar
1 Caramel Topping made with Salted Butter 14.5 ounce jar
1 Caramel Syrup 13 ounce bottle

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Looks like $35 plus shipping, directly from them.

Would this be a good gift for the inlaws with a sweet tooth?

I think it would be a great gift for ANYBODY!

What is the shelf life after opening?

$25 for about 3 lbs of sugar

Actually, $35 plus shipping. You seem to have forgotten the syrup!

Any thoughts or details on the shelf-life once opened? Will it crystalize after a certian period or must it be refigerated?

You say that like it’s a bad thing!

The product description for the topping seems to imply that there is no need for refrigeration, and I can only assume all three products to be the same on that ground.

Wow, I lived in San diego for 20 years… I wish I would have seen this product there. looks pretty good.

The caramel topping is smoking good, it came with my “I am proud to say” first rattage!

The picture on the middle bottle is from Balboa Park in San Diego. pretty cool… Balboa Park is the 2nd largest urban park in the country modeled after Central Park. I think I might buy this product for the art work also.

I LOVE caramel (thanks woot - awesome bday present!) - but I have to ask, since I can’t find ingredients anywhere (and I’d love to see a full list) - are these products trans-fat free?

I’m in for one, this looks absolutely delicious. Plus, I haven’t had a product from w.w in a while since cash was tight and there wasn’t really any wine or product that I wanted that badly (like Wellington, or a Woot Cellars offer, or basically something that was an insane deal and I couldn’t pass up). Have a well-paying job finally so I’ve really looking forward to sending some disposable income Woot’s way. I know normal Woot will never have anything good up on their website; I can just see another Roomba or something popping up tomorrow. I’m lucky if one item during a woot-off looks good enough to buy. Anyway, I can’t wait to try this.

Oh and really Woot? The word “Woot” isn’t included in your spellchecker?

My caramels sauces are trans-fat free. Please find the ingredients list below:

Caramel Cream:
sugar, whole milk, corn syrup, cream, salted butter, dextrose, sea salt and natural vanilla extract.

Caramel Topping:
same as caramel cream (but the recipe is different :wink:

Caramel Syrup:
sugar, water and corn syrup

Oh no, caramel “juice” to go with my “caramel juice”… Decisions…

I would recommend to eat the caramel cream and the caramel topping within two months after opening. There is no need to refrigerate the products. The syrup has a greater shelf life, 4 months after opening.

The sugar will not crystalize in the products after opening.

Just went to their website and priced an order for one of each and used UPS ground for shipping (their cheapest available). Same deal would cost $46.36 through their website, shipped to FL. My friend in San Diego did the same and shipping was still $8.16, and he lives 10 minutes away from them apparently.

Normal Price: $46.36 (shipped to FL)
Woot Price: $24.99
Total savings on Woot: $21.36

Thank you for that information. But… if the products are refrigerated, how much longer would they be ok?