Le Caramel Ultimate Caramel (6)

Le Caramel Ultimate Caramel 6-Pack
$28.99 $40.00 28% off List Price
(2) Caramel Cream with Salted Butter, 8.5 oz
(1) Chocolate Cream, 7 oz
(1) Chocolate Caramels, 4 oz
(2) Sea Salt Caramels, 4 oz


I’m pretty tempted! Anyone have thoughts or experience?

Oh, this is good, good stuff. Seems like a decent deal, it’s all $6.25 apiece at the website. All kosher dairy too (unless something’s changed–it’s been a few years since I ordered/saw it here). Going to have to confer with family in the morning.

Anybody with experience, with this product, please speak up. Thank you.

Super delicious stuff. I got a very similar pack a couple of years ago.

It was so good it has been banned from my house (high compliment). I’m sure it would be good on ice cream, but I enjoyed the jarred caramel on a spoon. It’s soft enough to scoop out of the jar without heating.

If this was offered in December I’d buy multiple sets to divvy up for gifts. But I don’t trust myself in the same house with it for 8 months :wink:

How can I find out if these are gluten free? The website is pretty sparse.

These are lovely and I went ahead and ordered 3, but I hate-hate-hate having to pay via Amazon. I much prefer paypaling my Woot purchases, so if this is a new trend, this is my last purchase from Woot. At least it’ll be a tasty one.

This is mighty tasty stuff, and just the right consistency. Your taste buds will thank you.

All purchases on wine.woot must be made through Pay with Amazon because the winery/vendor is the seller, not woot.

There’s no change on our other sites.

Hi everyone!
We are happy to be on wine woot today.
Here are a few answers to your questions: our products are gluten free so no worries about that (they are also GMO free in case you are wondering).
As for our website…it’s straight out of the 90s. We are better caramel makers than website designers :frowning:
If you have any questions, please go for it!

i still don’t get all the hate with paying via Amazon. my payment methods are the same on both Paypal & Amazon, so I don’t see what the issue is.

Of course I am going to say the products are great :slight_smile:
We do cook our caramel following the number one selling caramel in France if that can help!

These are all absolutely delicious. If you’re unsure, buy. Seriously good stuff here.

It’s been awhile since I purchased and what I bought was the jars of caramel and the chocolate wrapped caramels (4 pc bundle). I know the jars of caramel were delicious, we ate it on our ice cream. None of us were fans of the chocolate wrapped caramels, I ended up throwing them away. But I can’t help but think it was a fluke or maybe something happened in shipping with melting and reforming because the jars were so good.

I could have written your post myself! These are the exact reasons I didn’t order any today, although it is breaking my heart.

Paypal comes directly from my bank account. Amazon goes through a credit card first.