Le Chat dans la Boite

OMG!!! Enough already with Schrodinger’s Cat!!! This is the 4th or 5th reference in the past 2 years!!! It’s also the 365th cat shirt in the past 2 years! Every other day it’s a $&@% cat shirt and every season there’s a new Schrodinger’s Cat shirt! Come on. Let’s remake Robocop while we’re at it. Oh wait, errrrrrrr!

LOL a cat in a box in a bag…
And it’s tri-lingual. That should make EVERYBODY HAPPY!

(unless you don’t like cats, boxes, bags, English, French or German.)

Mais oui! C’est magnifique.

Cat. Box. Chat. Boîte. At least in French, it might be something Dr. Seuss had written a book about it. Or a cabaret he visited.

At least the cat isn’t on the chair.

There should be more cat shirts!

Pure cake ; )

Cats, cats, everywhere;
and all in bags and there ilk
Cats, Cats, everywhere,
not a drop of milk.

I really like this one!

This. Is. Amazing. Nerdy and artsy and just plain awesome.

I want the tote bag so much except I’m so broke. This is the kind of design I’d like to see in a Woot poster special. Some day later when I’m not broke. Hint, hint, hint.

Moi aussi, mon ami. Moi aussi …

If a box of adequate size is in the house, there’s little doubt a cat is inside, particularly with all the racket.

Will Woot be mailing these in a box, instead of bag ? It only makes sense.

Especially since then my cats will get a free box toy w/ purchase. I just won’t close them inside of it.

The French grammar on “de Erwin” is bugging me. Should be “d’Erwin” I think. I hate to be that person but I’m pretty sure it’s like saying “an cat.”

But the artwork is beautiful and there are so few designs that combine French and science!

If you make this a poster, I GUARANTEE I will buy one. Especially if it’s a large size poster like you often see of the ones it’s parodying.

Quelle dommage!

I was hoping the T-shirt had a picture of the “le chat” shopping bag on it.

And the box is in a WordPress theme universe. :slight_smile:

“KABOOM” indeed

Consider ourselves blowed up;
in a little snow globe
filled with cat imaginations…

I also would love to get this as a poster.