Le Corbeau Noir

A classic combo – this raven looks like the chatty sort that will keep you up through the infernal – and eternal night.

Poe-ssibly the coolest raven shirt ever.

I wish Woot would sell more feminine style shirts in fit with the same cool designs. Love Poe though.

I hope this is printed on a tote bag in the near future. I would definitely buy one!

Please do some shirts with baseball or long sleeves!

Agreed! I want it next to my cat in the box tote.

Best Keanu interview ever.

I have the Schrödinger’s cat version of this design and the shirt decal sticks to itself constantly.

This is nevermore a raven.

Did I miss why this shirt is $10 and not the regular $12?

Best not to ask these questions! Just buy. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to pay extra to have this printed on an AA blank.

Not a fan of how the Anvils turn out after they’re washed.


Was thinking the same thing. It would suit a tote for sure.

I don’t get why it’s “The Black Raven.” Did EAP originally title it as such?

I think this is my favorite adaptation of this poster I’ve seen yet. Simple and elegant idea!

I can’t believe they didn’t list the color as “Raven Black” or something. Heaven forbid we’ve stopped going for the easy joke…

I agree!! Baby doll tees and also baseball style t-shirts would be a nice addition.