Lead Zeppelin

In this case, literally heavy metal

Nice subtle Zeppelin on the drum.

So hey that means I’m bilingual since I speak science and English. Tungsten Oxygen Oxygen Hydrogen Oxygen Oxygen!

Woah! First!? :smiley:

Needs MORE Zeppelin!

Lots of PB, needs more Jelly.

I think this shirt may protect the Superman costume they are selling on Kids! from Kryptonite!!

Tank top seems so right. Thank you for filling the pun that makes me chortle quota for the week. Guess “Fool In The Rain” is tonight’s lullaby.


This begs the question if there will be a follow up shirt consisting of a rigid airship covered in LEDs or not

led wasn’t too heavy. but shirt should have been titled “heavy metal” with different metals in the band. although i vaguely remember they might have been already a shirt like that

Little dazed and Confused here- where’s Jimmy’s bow?

How warm is the tee? Will it make me sweat, make me groove?

No, dude. That all depends on the way you move… :smiley:

I had an idea for a Led Zeppelin cover band once. Pb is the chemical symbol for lead and is short for ‘Plumbum’, which is latin for lead ;p. A Zeppelin is a flying machine or ‘Dirigible’. Thus ‘Plumbum Dirigible’. Now we have shirts we will be huge!

Couldn’t agree more. Right now this shirt is just going down like a lead balloon.

The drum looks like some sort of weird hat for the singer.

This is so appropriate on the tank. Ideally worn with long hair and a 70s mustache.

Another cool design. 'Grats Wirdou!

Yeah, that’s what I thought too. It is a GREAT concept and I ALMOST bought it, but the drum is in a poor location, relative to the singer. :frowning:

love the pun, too bad they don’t have any shirts celebrating their 30 minute live versions of Dazed and Confused!