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Elementary my dear wooters.us!

Leafflower [Pleased] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Wednesday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * Brown Woot Tee

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Those tongue… stamen… kissing things at the bottom need to get a room!

Best shirt i’ve seen in a while.

This looks cute enough to eat.

It’s all part of nature and the miracle of life!

I don’t get it =\

That doesn’t mean we need to wear it on our chest!

wear under a sportscoat at your favorite 5 star restaurant and watch the heads turn!

That food is looking a little soylent, if you know what I mean.

Mmm, the rare brown kawaiitichoke

Heh heh…chest.

Whaaat is going on here?

You arent supposed to. If you say you dont like it, your comments get deleted by a mod (like this one will be)

I have the opposite of love for this shirt.

The “artist” (hahahahaha) couldnt have picked a nastier color, either.

Very . . . leafy. Needs more meat.

Mon petite chouke?

Well played. I wish “Kawaiitichoke” was the name of this shirt.

Oh, that’s an artichoke in the middle? I thought it was a chubby pine cone.

Welcome to the party…

haha, naturia