Leak Frog

Does anyone have an idea where I could purchase Leak Frogs? I should have stocked up in 2006!! :slight_smile:

Oh geeze. I got one in a BOC I literally just threw away last week. :frowning:

I searched amazon. I think the ones that are “Leak Bug” are the same thing. Double check before ordering though.

I got two in a B0C years ago.
They are busy protecting my basement.

hmm… I’d better check the batteries…

If I find them somewhere, I’ll post it here.

edit: WOW! No one has them for under $60 now. These frogs are rare and valuable, even on Ebay. I’d better take good care of our 2 frogs.

BSN… You threw your out? What??

I have many, but would buy more if available at a decent price. They are indeed rare and precious. I change the batteries every 2 years. They make wonderful gifts.

Love my Leak Fogs!

I have one under every sink in the house and the basement. I give them as housewarming gifts.

I didnt know they were so coveted. Such a simple device. I may have put it in the woot box, but I think I put it in the toss pile. Ill check my box.

The Beloved Leak Frog was my second purchase ever in woot!