LeakFrog Water Leak Alarm 2-Pack

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LeakFrog Water Leak Alarm 2-Pack
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You need these.

Yes you do.

If you have a house, you need more than one.

If you have an apt, you can still use the 2 pack.

They go off if the ground under them gets damp enough. They float if there is a flood.

You never know when you might need one.

I bought a pair of these from woot back in 2010, and they have been dilligently warning me about basement flooding ever since. Though I haven’t heard them in a while, since I got a better sump pump.

Only 3 comments. These are LEAKFROGS people. C’mon!

Good in your Air Conditioner Drip pan up in the attic…

Saved me a couple of times.

Love these! Got some previously for us as well as my in-laws and they’ve warned us both of leaks! Well worth it!

Hello old friends! Had mine for 4 years and wouldn’t be without them. Saved us hundreds (or more) twice!

I have about 6 of these and just ordered 2 more. They are lifesavers. I put them under every sink, and in back of both toilets, under the sinks in my RV, and right next to my water heater. These things can save thousands of dollars in water damage. Really, really cheap insurance.

Want to hear a funny story? I had a broken ice maker line to my refer. Break and let a BUNCH of water into my kitchen. We’ll I had a Leak frog behind the refer. WTF? why didn’t it warn me? Turns out the water steam was pouring right on its top. The poor little frog drowned in that water. It shorted out his brains and he never made a sound. He never worked again either. I replaced him and the new one has a sandwich bag over his head as a rain bonnet. Luckily the water flowed onto kitchen tile and there was zero damage.

My basement flooded when our cat knocked over the downspout. Really wish we had these last night… Finally buying two sets of these like I should have last year.

Never had a leak, but tested them out before, and they do work. Hardly wears down the AAA batteries. The one drawback may be the screw heads for the battery compartment aren’t the greatest, so be careful to not wear down the Phillips screw insertion like I did on one (eventually, with some effort, unscrewed it).

Have over 10 of them for peace of mind (sinks, water heater, fridge, washer are the spots I can recall).

This is a woot classic item if there ever was one.

“Works best on floors of wood, tile, metal or concrete.”

And by that they mean don’t expect them to work on carpet.

These are GREAT! by the washer, by the water heater (since replaced by tankless), under the sink. SO, that’s where MINE ARE. Always on the JOB.
if you don’t have 'em, you should…

takes me back to 2005
can I please have a completely off the hook for no special reason not even a wootoff BOC offering to go along?

who am i

One of mine started beeping several days after being exposed to water. Changed battery. Still beeping. It’s not as loud as the warning beep. Any suggestions?