LeakFrog Water Leak Alarm 2-Pack

in for 3 :slight_smile:


Cool, I need a new one for my fish tank!

Is this some of the leftovers from the 300,000 they bought?

I’m in for 3!

Is this a bachelor frog alarm?

R U Froggin kidding me ?..

Is this a bachelor frog alarm?

Again? no!

I’d buy em if they had legs…not much jumpin otherwise, huh?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re done.

Not leak frogs again

I still haven’t gotten my Frogs from last time. MEH!

But alas, I’m in again… this time for 3. I’m hoping they all show up before we move into our new house.

Wait…is this the end? I never saw a Dyson :frowning:

sweet, needed these for the basement and fishtank! just hope my kid doesn’t put it IN the tank this time…

NICE!! I don’t know how many times we’ve flooded our house with the fish tanks or making ROH water. In for 1!

Has anyone tried these on the back of a toilet seat near the tank? I have 4 boys and I am sick of their bad aim!

I honestly can’t believe these are a real thing.


I like turtles!