LeakFrog Water Leak Alarm 2-Pack

I keep one in my pants at all times to let me know when it’s time to go to the bathroom.

Can’t have a wootoff without these babies

Yes!! I’ve been waiting all night for these!

. . . . .no thx…

These tell me when I am missing the toilet when I am wasted.

Best thing ever.

it is not that hot yet?

These are the bees knees.

I’m old and pee a lot at night but still get up first so I don’t need these yet!

literal LOL. i <3 woot-offs…

Why are these so popular??

You get two of them because you’ll obviously smash one during its first use.

these saved my butt before

New house, new set of LeakFrogs…

Ohhh Boy … In for 3


LeakFrog, LeakFrog,
Rolly-polly LeakFrog,
Eat em up, Eat em up,
Yumm, yummm

First time you find a days-old leaking sink, you’ll know…

Yay! Leakfrogs!

Can I put these in my bath and pretend I have pet frogs? There isn’t a pet shop near me.

6 more! i have people ask for these as fast as i can buy them. saved my m-i-l twice and my sister twice from sewage backups (ie the alarm went off and they caught it before it hit the finished area of their basements).