LeakFrog Water Leak Alarm 2-Pack

I Triple Frog Dare You

These saved my kitchen…

In for 3. They are THE BEST stocking stuffers for any homeowner.

Ahhhh … now it’s an official Woot-off …

Yesssss! In for 3!

oh good i needed some of these for my basement in florida…


Buy Leakfrogs! They are awesome and have notified me of a surprising number of water issues in my basement.

If I didn’t already have more than I need, I’d buy more. Leakfrogs are fantastic devices.

Long time no see my old froggy friends.

Damn, I thought these were alarm clocks that shot water at you to wake you up.

You won’t sleep through this little froggie’s alarm!

I’ve got more of these than I can use, but they are great.

ok… I have to admit the first time I saw these, I thought they were for kids who wet the bed. LOL!!! Does anyone think they would work for that?

What does the alarm sound like?

These little guys are marvelous - a great warning tool to help save your valuables from water damage.

Just added onto our basment, my home does not feel complete without them. I am in for 2.

Not a great deal unless you buy multiple sets. It’s $19.99 with free shipping from Buy.com.

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