LeakFrog Water Leak Alarm 2-Pack

**Item: **LeakFrog Water Leak Alarm 2-Pack
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Hello old friends!

One of these little guys saved my ass a month ago as a seal on my disposal gave out. Love them.

Even though they are cute, they work very well. I like to give them to friends that buy a house.

Time to watch a video [youtube=mzghrWUuOBo][/youtube]

This is one of the last remaining vestiges of woot’s past. I have bought double digit leakfrogs, and none of them have gone off but tested okay. I hope they never do alarm, for the right reason.
The only problem so far was one had fairly flimsy screws, so it lost its threading (they are Phillips screws) fairly quickly. It was not fun trying to get the screws out. All the other leak frogs’ screws didn’t give me this problem.
One suggestion to woot: sell the triple A batteries at the same time.

We have these all over our 95 yr old home, they alerted us to a leak in the basement, within a few months of moving in.

So, we grabbed some extra and gave them to the in-laws as holiday gifts - and sure enough, they alerted my FIL to a pretty bad leak in his basement that spring.

Well worth the investment.

We have given these as housewarming gifts, Christmas gifts…any excuse I could find. Without exception, the relatives have called or emailed me that the little buggers saved them…leak under the sink…behind the washer…whatever. They do go off LOUD…bless their little hearts :slight_smile: Geez, we don’t need any more but I wanna buy them anyway…just in case. Gotta love them!

This saved my laundry room after a guest left the water running in the wash basin with it plugged. I was upstairs and was thinking “What the heck is that noise?” Came down to my wash basin over flowing! Thank you Leak Frog!

Quick question:

Do these continue to sound the alarm when the water has receded?

At the moment I’m using a redneck leak detector (piece of toilet paper over the overflow drain, if it overflows then recedes the TP is still at the very least mangled.) over an overflow drain that I’ve caught overflowing once as it then receded on it’s own and I’d really like to know when it’s time to snake / lye the pipes.

Every day I wait for a Sansa or a Roomba to be listed. Every day brings more disappointment.

Found the answer to my question on a review, it uses the water to complete the alarm circuit, so when the water evaporates, so does the alarm

Bought a two pack of these 2.5 years ago from woot. One of them detected water immediately a few months ago when the pipe for the condensation outflow for my air conditioner got clogged and water started coming out. Saved some damage to my basement.

These things are great. Set them then forget them until water strikes. Audible from a floor away. When our water heater ptessure valve failed, we knew before the basement was flooded. Easily pays fot itself any time it prevents disaster. Can be fully submerged, amd after they dry, back to work. Convenient test button on top to check batteries, which last a long time. Get them while you can!

My biggest complaint with these is that they don’t croak, they just beep. I personally have never heard a beeping frog. So needless to say i was slightly disappointed with this minor issue when i ignored this mysterious beeping only to find my basement flooded and is now the worlds lamest aquarium.

I LOVE my ol Leak Frogs. mine HAVE gone off for a leak (whats that dammm noise? OhhThank God for the Leak Frog in the wash room) mebbe I’ll get another pair just for ol’times sake. these are GREAT. if you’re THINKING of getting them, just GET them.

I love my leak frogs!

Yay, Leakfrog! Always good to see our old friends back in town.

My froggies hang around my water heater and under my utility sink.

If you have a problem with leaks or pets peeing where they shouldn’t, buy these now. I bought two for my basement a few years ago and they work wonderfully (and they are loud enough I can hear them through a closed door and on a different floor). I bought two more a few months ago.

One of my cats passive aggressively peed behind a chair a few weeks ago so I put one on the floor there. Yesterday, annoyed, I suspect, about the time change delaying his breakfast, he did it again. Hilarity ensued as the alarm blared and he raced out from behind the chair not knowing what the heck was going on.

So, yes, they work brilliantly.