THIS is a surprise!



1 Ideative Leakfrog

$6.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

Nice. Frogs on Sellout. I have been needing a few of these for white elephant gifts!

I’m at a loss…

I guess you really are a sellout if you buy a leakfrog.

Saved many memories in the basement. Cheap. Works well.

I sure am glad sellout doesn’t do wootoffs…

lol, Leakfrog on sellout!

How does it work? you put in your basement and if it detects water it will alarm?

Wanna bet.

I’m curious to what is in that reflection on the leak frog?

In hushed, nature documentary voice…

“And here we see the leapfrog, amazingly out of its natural environment. Normally only seen in ‘Woot-offs’, this amazing little creature has quite the nose (and noise) for water. What it is doing here is the question of the day”

If water comes by the sensor on the bottom, it makes a noise.

Yes they work, and quite well

I have 2.

Yep, you got it. I think it croaks when it gets wet.

Even worse: it does selloffs.

So many TVs! The horror!

And evidently this sucks so bad I decided to make my first forum post…and now my second…

Everyone loves the leakfrog. I have a few friends who say these things basically saved their lives. The reviews are pretty good on amazon too…