Leapfrog Didj Custom Educational Gaming System

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Leapfrog Didj Custom Educational Gaming System
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Leapfrog 30607 Didj Custom Educational Gaming System

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these things are hackable

Here’s the product website where you can sign up and get $5 off any Didj game!

Looks like fun.


In case you’re wondering, the example answer is 3.

link in description is broken, try:

wait…huh? Can this be converted to a gps, 'cause I seem to have wandered over to kids.woot.com somehow? :slight_smile:

what can it do if it’s hackable? doesn’t seem too good on the spec…

Are These Hackable


“Hey mom, did you get a me a Nintendo DS for my birthday?”

“Nope, I got you this Didj because I hate you and I’m a penny-pinching bitch that you’ll resent until the day I die”

Mixed Reviews


To what? Play psp games?

I feel smarter already :D!!!

I’m all for education games for kids. And I’d be in for one if I had any . . .

Love the Didj. Sorry, I agree that it is a kids.woot item, but still glad I got a couple. My kids love their Didj systems. Great learning systems. I don’t mind them playing video games so much since I know they are actually learning something!

lucky sob my birthdays in november

My daughter got one for her bday. So far, looks like a decent gaming platform for kids 5+ years old. But I think the games have been discontinued and are gradually getting harder to find…

There’s a coupon over on deals.woot for 25% off all games and free shipping…


Thanks for the spot. Should be fixed in a moment.