Leapfrog Didj Custom Educational Gaming System

3 stars and $48.50 shipped on Amazon.com

I bought one for my 6 year old son-It’s perfect. Math, spelling… No challenge on the game, but lots of fun and education.

FYI-I have found several of the games on clearance in local stores. I live in the Northeast and have found them in Meijer and in Walmart. Some are still regular price too.

My little sister (8yo) has one of these that she got for x-mas a year or 2 ago, and i have to say that when i go to my parents’ house, even i find some of the word games a little fun and i’m 24. Some of them are sort of like the word puzzle flash games you find on the internet. I would definitely call this a great buy for the kids.

I’m in for one. Now I have to decide if I’m going to give it to my 7 year old or keep it for myself to hack on a bit.

I got one of these in my bag and my kids love it. great for kids ages 5-10 ish. Our youngest 3yr. wants to play with it but it’s a little to hard for her. I love the math games for the kids. I’m in for one more just to stop the fighting over it’s my turn now.

Well, it is tempting to get this and crack it open to use it as an NES emulator. While staying in the realm of fair use, naturally.

Then again, I haven’t even finished all the new console games I have.

I fixed it earlier. The link should work now.

Both my 4 and 5 year old have one. It has helped both their math and spelling. It’s really easy to customize the difficulty on the computer too. I’ve even caught my 11 year old playing with it. Can’t beat the low price!

For almost the same price you can get the undisputed greatest hand-held game system of all time.

Pull the trigger or whatever you call the big gold button thing on the woot order site. This is a great toy! I bought one for more money this past Christmas for my 7yr. old son. He loves it! plus you can feel good as a parent letting the wee ones play since after all it is edutainment! Seriously, buy it already. You know it will make a mom happy.

You know…with all the talks about hacking this thing, I think it is a product for “us grownups.” If sales are good on Woot! Maybe Leapfrog will rebrand and hack these things with a new slogan. “Leapfrog Didj not just for kids anymore. Now with added Linux”

For those asking if it is hackable, and how…

I am one of the developers working for a homebrew solution to this platform. The status of where we are is primarily updated on http://www.hackerfoundry.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7 and on #Didj on freenode.

It is still very early on in our homebrew solution, but we’re always open to more volunteers. If you have questions about putting non-leapfrog software on your Didj, ask away.

Bought one of these last time they were offered here for my 5 year old. She loves it!! I highly recommend buying re-chargeable batteries as this thing eats them like candy. There are lots of software titles available for different age groups. I buy most of mine from eBay, since they are allot cheaper there.

You can also use an AC adapter. The Leapster ones do work on this. I got one for $10 at a local store.

Just noticed that this includes the customization kit! That’s like $10 by itself through Leapfrog (on sale-normally $15). I just wonder if they are girl colors or boy colors…

I second that emotion. As long as I still have my sister’s old Game Gear, I don’t need any other handheld game systems. And neither will my kids.

If these are anything like the last ones that came up on woot, it has the Blue gel cover with a green polka-dot sticker and a white with black webbing sticker. Pretty much boy colors.

Any what? Any education? :slight_smile:

Give it time. We may yet have a SGG and SMS (and NES and SNES and GBC and Atari 2600) emulator up on these in the next year.

The difference is that this isn’t really meant to be a gaming system, but a learning system. It’s sort of like hiding the veggies in your kids dinner. You hide the learning in the kids video game. This is the only handheld gaming system that I’m aware of that teaches math, reading and spelling. I also love that you can customize it online to your child’s level.