Leapfrog Leapster L-Max Learning Game System

Will my 42-year-old autistic uncle enjoy this?

Neeext please :frowning:

paid twices as much

paid twices as much

I wish the p was a k

This is $44 on Leapfrog.com

Please can i have the pink oneeeee fuuuuckingggg faaaaaa1111lllllllll

i bought it for my nephew he loves it

same price at amazon

OK… let’s leapfrog this sucker… NEXT…

these are cute. like my site you should go.


Related to the leakfrog?


yay, kid stuff…

carp carp! woot!


LEAK! I want a LEAKfrog.

LEAP Frog?

musta’ run out of Leak Frogs…