Least Favorite Madonna Songs


All of them.


^^^ that, too.

where’s the ‘like’ button? :slight_smile:

I’m gonna ctfo and go eat a sandwich.

american pie :confused:

Justify My Love

Thread resurrected!

American Pie >.< She murdered that poor innocent song.

response repeated…All of them!!!

Holiday…playing right now. At a picnic. Not the radio. They put a CD in. Seriously?

Next…Lucky Star.

…and Borderline. Must be a whole damn CD if crappy Maddona songs.

Like a Virgin.
Lords of the New Church did a killer version.

Is it scary that I can name that tune in 3 notes?

…Material Girl…

…crazy for you…

I give up.

Type O Negative covered Like A Virgin as well. It was great!

What album is that on. Apparently not any I have. Last be their Cinnamon Girl.

There is now a Monkees CD in. Infinitely better than Madonna.

I don’t think it is on an album. I’ve heard it on a local metal station and also online. That’s all I know about it but it was way better than Old Lady Madge’s version!