Leather Belts for Men

Leather Belts for Men

In cm, no thanks.

Agreed. Since these are measured using the Metric system, they probably didn’t make em big enuf for my 'Merican waist, anyway.


I sure ain’t agonna wrap my American belly in a stinkin’ metrik belt.
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What quality of leather is this? Full Grain, Top Grain, Corrected Grain, Bonded? By the price I assume “bonded.”

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Are people still wearing pants?



Apparently it’s from the “animal Cow” for those of you not familiar with the animal Cow. And we are encouraged to bring it to a lab for testing, oddly enough:
The Leather used for the belt is from the animal Cow and it is 100% Genuine, you can test it across any lab

Seems like a lot of work. First, do that difficult math to figure out how many centimeters my waist is, and it’s already large enough in inches, why would I want to make it a larger number? And then I have to go to a lab to verify what sort of animal Cow might be represented by this supposedly leather belt.


Folks are now too lazy to ask Alexa/Siri/Google to convert xx inches to centimeters?

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But how does one lengthen the belt? Make the belt tell lies?

Why should I have to worry about asking anybody about the conversion… This is America… So… Heck on the belts… Yea if they are to lazy trying to sell me a belt to covert… Im to lazy to buy.

Dunno. Many times I just wake up in the morning and …boom. Longer.

Having to select a color option, a size option and then a model that is just a list of all 9 possible combinations of the 3 colors and 3 sizes already selected is really neat!

The “from the animal Cow” aside (I prefer steer), 125cm is almost 50 inches, so I guess 7 inches are lost to holes.

A really good Xlax diet.

Regretting my purchase :frowning: because it looks like I am too fat for it. My pants are all 38" waist and so I figured the middle one would work, since it is up to 39 inch. (I did not check the math for the cm to inch conversion.) The middle one is listed as 115cm (Waistline: 33"-39’).

(Yeah, I should have bought the longest one, but I thought 39 inches would be too loose if it is the smallest.)

Boy, I was so wrong. Basically the last hole would probably work if I have a 36 inch waist - unfortunately those days are long gone.

I guess one resolution for 2021 for me would be to loose some weight, even thought it was a failed goal for me recently.

$11 down the drain - or until I lose a couple inches of waist.

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