Leather Bracelets

I have no idea where you got these “list prices,” but they’re nowhere near accurate. Here’s one of the bracelets that you have listed as originally 99 bucks for sale at Walmart (Walmart!!) for 17.83.

Granted, you guys are still cheaper, but cheaper still is the marketing tactic of listing the original price as 99 dollars.

Those are Woot bucks … sort of like dog years but not. :wink:

List price of 99 bucks my testicles!

Seriously though, here’s one better than the pictured one on amazon for cheaper… http://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Leather-Nautical-Bracelet-Silver/dp/B00FGQYI8S/ref=pd_sbs_jw_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=1HV6B9RQ06QV61TMGRH2
Been looking at leather bracelets today.

Uncle Rico is going to love these!

I bought two of them and one came apart within 4 days. Cheaply mad and not even worth the WOOT! price. This is the first item I bought from WOOT! that I thought was a piece of junk.