Leather Loop Apple Watch Band

In Apple official shop there are only 42mm version of Leather loop. There are also no Red version. What about these one selling here? Not original?

Hmmm… you’re right. Nor does it appear to have the small “42mm” marking on the inside that the Apple watch band has. So come on Woot - who’s the manufacturer?

BUYER BEWARE! These are cheap Chinese-made knock-offs. Apple doesn’t sell a Red Leather Loop.

Jeez, didn’t realize this when ordering. Asked for a refund. Oddly enough, red is no longer an option. Over in the sport thread, they’re getting called out on claiming authenticity, yet showing pictures of the bands that don’t have the size markings, like the Apple ones do. It’d really suck if Woot was selling counterfeit merchandise, these prices are great for authentic products, but awful for knock-offs.

EDIT: Cancellation denied with a nice email pretending I wrote in about shipping to the wrong address. Reported to Apple Legal (especially since staff claimed they were authentic in the Sport band section). This is some real bullshit, guys.