Leather or Lace? Power or Hand Tools?

I’ve just been beside myself ever since TT declared she’d marry me…should we have the wedding in leather or lace?

What kinds of power tools should we put on the registry?

I do know she lives a little south of the Red River from me up here in the Territories (nobody’s perfect) …but I feel she will come well-equipped with various gas-powered and electric appliances…since she works here and all.


Since she lives in a warm climate she’s probably not going to come equipped with proper comforters and such…but since I was born in Detroit and partially reared in Buffalo NY…my side of the family will cover that.

I guess we could go the china/flatware route but I get the feeling she and I are done with birthing personally anymore kids. (not that “I” ever did) I’m just thinking that we probably are not going to have fruit sprouting from our loins…so no prodigy to give the china to.


It’s a toughie to me and a head scratcher.

Can you help us out tools.woot.com people? You people always seem so much nice than those snobs over at home.woot.com.

My favorite gift package for the bride-to-be includes a chain saw, a box of Hefty bags, a couple gallons of bleach, and a shovel.

…and lye

Why haven’t I heard of this before?

My gift would be a Pearls Before Swine desk and wall calendar.

And I hope you don’t have a pool because she hates them.

Really! I did not know that. I’ve got a pool man who comes everyday to open it and check the chemicals ect. I sure hope this pool won’t be a deal breaker.

Leather and lace. Definitely. Black leather, white lace. Nothing says class like that combo. And DeWalt cordless power tools. They are expensive but they are well made and won’t cause problems. Happy to help, no thanks necessary.

Sometimes, doing things by hand is just better.

You have a very good point there. Occasionally however power tools can be better for the harder jobs and sometimes battery operated tools have more stamina than a human powered tool.

When you put it that way, it just sounds dirty. o.O

My love didn’t ban me just now when I went full-frontal with a poster that was criticizing one of lichme’s videos.

So she either loves me…or…perhaps she loves lichme…damn…what do I do now?


Wow…talk about rockin’ the cradle of love: