Leather w Leather Sole Oxford DressShoes

Leather w Leather Sole Oxford DressShoes

Any photos of the soles and interior of the shoes? Also, is the medium brown cap-top oxford pictured in the header photo with the multiple shoes not actually available?

Hi there. I see some extra photos on the Amazon page:

And the medium brown isn’t available. I think that might be an error in the color correction for that shoe in the photo.

For anyone wondering, I bought these. The leather appears to be fairly good quality. Construction is… Pretty decent. The sole stitching is a bit sloppy and the dye is not 100% uniform so up close they have a lot of little, minor imperfections. But from 6 feet away they look great. Also came with a dust bag and extra set of laces. I don’t know anywhere you can get full grain leather Goodyear welted shoes for $30. Definitely definitely worth every penny. Don’t know how they will hold up but the construction should indicate a while.

Don’t go to rack room or the like and get “dress shoes” there if you need them. Get these.