Leaving on a Crap Plane (d9sk02)

All sold out

That’s a big surprise… Seems I actually scored me a… You know… One of those coveted things.


I actually scored one. Big surprise.

That was fast

Server error over and over and over again

First BoC in a while. Let’s see if they’ve improved.

Server error over and over and over again

What a great way to [almost] start a woot-off!

Did you get one?

Go here for the main discussion.

I want to hear about everything - your wait, the pending disappointment, what you got… everything.

Break the thread post count.

Me too.


Damnit, nothing but server error.
I was on point refreshing the last 3% and then BOOM, BOC was already down 50%

Son was telling me about the woot off, logged in to see what sales were on before i went to bed and it came up. So happy to get one and excited for it to come in.

Just like the old days!!!

me too, so frustrating!

Shortest woot-off ever?

Whatchu talkin’ about? It’s still going?

Hey TT, my 10 year wootiversary is almost here. Will you make this BoC extra super special for an extra super special wooter that has been through a lot of…



Woohoo! Prepare for disappointment.

Rule #1. Post what you get!

Here’s the main discussion thread for today’s craps.