Leaving Reviews on Woot

How do I leave a product review on Woot? I’ve looked all over the website including my order and I don’t see anywhere that I can post a review about a product I recently purchased. Thank you!!

There should be a link that says “discuss this deal” under a community heading. That will take you to the discussion for the item.

Thank you so much, Is this on the Woot website? Or on here? I didnt see anything like that on my order page. I ordered about 6 items in one order.

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It’s on each individual item page from where you bought them. You can find those in your order history.

I looked there also and don’t see it. Let me send you a screenshot of what I see.

Is this what you mean? https://forums.woot.com/t/skin-scrubber-pore-cleaner-removal-kit/593484

This is the original Page where I purchased it…can you direct me to where I can do it from here? I appreciate your help so much!


I also found this page when I clicked on “Start Discussion”

That’s where you want to leave your comment. It looks like you’ll be the first.

Thank you, so I would just search the item on the website and see it there on that page because its not showing on any page linked to my order.

Also, how did you find that page since there isn’t a search bar, did you look through the deals or just search the item on google using woot as a keyword too?

If you used the link I sent you it would bring you straight to it but if I click on it, it will take me to my order/account where I definitely don’t see what you’re seeing.

Woot doesn’t have a good search because their items are pretty random with short sales. You can search the forums and that will bring it up but it can be messy.

I used the link you posted. I’m using the mobile site through my phone browser. It probably looks different on a desktop.

Basically find the item and click on whatever it says under the community heading, or if you’re in the forum you’ll be there already.

I’m not sure why it would take you back to your account. Are you using the app?

No, Im using my laptop. Im logged into my account so its taking me to the page for the item but it doesn’t have that discussion button you’re talking about.

I tried my phone too and i’m logged in via my Amazon account. Should I not log in and try it that way or will it not let me leave a review without being signed in?

Oh you’ve got it! See the rectangle on the bottom left? It says Discuss this deal. That’ll lead you to the place to post comments.

And yes, you need to be signed in to comment.

I did just that, the reason I’m doing this is because the company offered me a free one for leaving a review but they now want to know what my review headline is but it didnt give me the option to leave a headline. So where I went and left a comment is basically where reviews are left?

Yup. You did it exactly right.

Do you see the little chain looking thing at the bottom of your comment? Click that and you can send them the link to your comment.

Thank you so so much, I took a screenshot and sent that to them, I’ll send the link too just to be safe :slight_smile: Have a great day and thanks again so much. I appreciate your help a lot.


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