LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

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LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine
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These things are made of win. I bought two and a carrying case to take the second on trips.

They have lasted years now with no sign of degradation.

A review:

I am going to use one for sleep.
I’ve used the company’s other machines before.
But, the machine I used before, the Sound+Sleep™ machine, seemed to last ~2 years before the internal power supply would go. At $100+, that was expensive.

Also note that a few comments on the interweb said that this sound machine was able to produce over 100 decibels of sound - that’s extremely loud!
The review I mentioned above, showed that this sound machine, like the other sound machines, stayed under the 85 decibels level suggested by the World Health Organization.
Note that even ~80 decibels is very loud! :slight_smile:

Extra… :slight_smile:
For what it’s worth, people and other animals are “sensitive/bothered/annoyed” by different sound frequencies.

I’m also going to use one in my garage and one in my shed at the highest volume and frequency.
I already have existing ultra-sound pest deterrent sound machines.
Hopefully, both sound machines will convince any mouse to go look somewhere else for shelter. :slight_smile:

I’m not even going to consider one of these until it is high definition, period.

The manufacturer skimps on the memory size and keeps the looped recordings short. So, my only issue with these cheap units are that they tend to repeat the recorded ‘noise’ too often. This results in me anticipating the pattern of the repeat, causing me to lie awake. Much like a dripping faucet would do, await the next drip. Does anyone know if this unit repeats the noise pattern recording or is it randomly being generated? I now use a Raspberry Pi and a cheap set of PC speakers to lull me to sleep with randomly generated ‘brown noise’. Total cost ~$50. I would consider this unit if the noise is randomly being generated and then use my Pi for other tasks.

This is the best white noise machine. Unlike most white noise machines it has tons of bass and the fan sounds are exactly like big box fans. It looks like they have discontinued this version and are only selling the micro version, which is not nearly as loud and doesn’t really cut it for my tinnitus. So I’m buying another one of these to have when my current one dies (although I bought it a few years ago and it’s still going strong).

I’ve used a Sound+Sleep™ machine for a number of years and am quite happy with it. I’m picking this up as a backup or possible replacement in case my Sharper Image travel noisemaker goes out.

I am the same way with detecting the loop and it being more distracting than relaxing. According to Amazon reviews this one doesn’t loop.

Simply the best. This is the loudest, bestest made sleep machine out there. I love mine and have had it for over a year now. Great selection of white noises and fan sounds. Seamless sound-tracks. BTW: I bought my GF the tiny-travel Lectrofan and she loves it.
Note: I am a light sleeper and we have 6 barky poodles. 'Nough said? I give it 12 stars out of 10! Buy it!

They must have improved their sound-tracks, no loop issues. I, too am sensitive and detect no loops after a year with my Lectrofan.

I haven’t used this thing personally, but recently I’ve been using Alexa supported devices (Echo dot etc) and telling Alexa to play things like “Ocean Sounds”, or “Thunder Sounds”. If nothing else, it helps to get a 2 year old to sleep.

This sale should be bundled with a noise cancellation ear phone to be perfect!

Is this thing sold out, or what? I was checking out and it told me it was sold out while I was checking out.

It doesn’t appear to be sold out. I just purchased one after reading your comment.

I have one, previously purchased on woot, and I love it. Definitely helps with my sleeping. Highly recommend. Might pick up another in case my precious breaks.

I always forget how much Alexa can do, and that sounds cheaper and more useful than one of these, thanks so much for the idea! I assume it just goes until you tell it to stop? Might have to run home and try this at lunch… The excuse I need to buy one for bedroom/other side of house!
(Plus I could hook it into my surround sound, have it play music, control lights or tell jokes from other side of house…) dang, thanks for the suggestion!

Ok, tried it again and it worked.

I have no trust in Woot’s checkout process. It’s burned me several times before.

I have been using one of these for a little over a year now. Love it. Adjustable volume, no loop issues, just constant sound. It’s small so it travels well.

My wife has to sleep with a fan on, it’s an absolute must for her. We had went through 3 fans in 2 years because she doesn’t ever turn them off.

I finally broke down and bought one of these. It’s amazing. It really does sound like a fan. There are no loops at all. It’s not a recording for a fan, it’s an algorithm that simulates the sound of a fan. There are a bunch of different fan noises to pick from. For me, most of them are too “harsh” sounding, but one in particular is much more subdued and works great. It can get pretty loud too.

There are also white noises. When you cycle through the white noises they just start at a lower tone, and keep increasing in pitch as you cycle through them. For me, it sounds like old TV static so I don’t use them. You might like it.

Downsides? It only plays fan and white noise. There’s no aux input or Bluetooth to play music or other sounds like rain, ocean, ect. It’s also wired so there is no battery.

There’s reviews on YouTube that can see what it sounds like.

I gotta say, I got it for my wife but I end up using it all the time when I work night shift. It’s been running nearly constantly for 2 years almost and still sounds like new. We bring it whenever we travel too.

I’m ordering another for my daughter’s room. Well worth the price.