LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

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LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine
Price: $31.99
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Condition: New


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I’ve bought three of these at this point - two for myself and one as a gift. It’s really a fantastic noise generator. And whatever algorithm it uses to generate the noise - it’s perfect. No looping distractions. Can’t recommend this thing enough.

Buy a fan.

$25 here:


Granted, I use a fan in my bedroom at night, but I use one of these for travel. They are really apples to oranges compared to a fan.

These use much less energy, they are WAY more portable/take up less space, and have a ton of different sound tones. And, even the cheap pedestal fan that I have was about $10 more expensive than these.

I have 2 of these and one of the micros. And I would certainly get another if I needed to.

Best purchase yet, and we do a lot of online shopping. Purchasing as a back up or for travel. There is something about the way that it interrupts noise, like barking dogs, that is so effective. Can’t do without it.

I want a black one, not a white one

Love mine. Beats those crappy (and sometimes expensive)"nature sounds"units.

Seconding that this is so much better than a fan. I’ve used fans for white noise. This has all the benefits mentioned by Bainga above, and the different sounds at different pitches is really the best.

Think of a dog barking. Then think of a big truck (like, say, the fire engines that are constantly coming to the nursing home next to my apt building) idling outside. Windstorm rattling your windowpanes. Someone’s car alarm going off. Those are all different pitches. If you try to drown out a car alarm with a low whooooommm sound, you’re not going to have much luck unless you crank it up so high it’s like trying to sleep in a jet engine. With this device, you cycle through the options until you find something that matches the pitch of the thing you’re trying to drown out, and it works so much better, at a much lower volume.

Also the timer: you can set this to turn off after a certain period of time (like, after you fall asleep) to save energy. Fans’re just on all night, whether you need them or not.

Also, fans create wind. Not fun when it’s freezing.

I wasn’t sure how much I’d use this, but I find myself using it about half the time (for all the noises mentioned above). Also useful to turn on and leave on if I want to sleep in: it’ll drown out others in my building waking up and banging about in the morning.

>_> That site looks kinda sketchy to me. Not worth a few bucks, imo.

is that a legit site?

+1 for not trusting that website.

That money back guarantee badge which is squished makes me real confident.

Their Comodo SSL certificate is a joke… Trusting Comodo for anything security is a total mistake.

So, the highlighted disclaimer on the color says I could receive any color version of the product. Does that mean it could be either black or white? Or are there other colors that randomly get thrown in as well? I don’t want a fuchsia noise maker. I really just want the white one, so if there is a good chance I would get that, I’ll probably buy one.


ScamAdvisor rates that site as Not Safe, and the only review I can find states that all phone numbers and email addresses listed are fake. Spend the extra $6 and actually receive the product.

btw - Bought one of these in a previous Woot and love it!



You will get black OR white. No other colors. No idea what the odds are.

Bought a black one last time they were on woot couple months back. I was very skeptical of the purchase because of price, but the reviews sold me on taking a chance. This has officially replaced my little 4" fan that sat on my nightstand. The sounds are very clean, diverse enough, good volume control, and best part you will never find the break in the loop. Zero regrets. It seems like frivolous purchase, (which it is) but if you or partner use a fan, do yourself a favor and give this a try.

I bought one one woot. Which I had bought two. Wound up buying the smaller travel one (black) on amazon. I also own and use several fans.

Ok that was too funny! You win COTD today.