LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

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This thing is great. My wife uses it every night. Helps us not wake each other up when we go to bed / get up at different times.

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I use to have a fan in my room that I left on constantly just for some white noise. That fan started making some noise like it was about to die and I thought “it would be great if I just had something that made noise and wasn’t going to over clock itself”

I got one of these bad boys recently and it works wonderfully. It’s got settings between “white noise” and “fan sounds”, a bunch of different options for each, a volume switch, a 60 minutes only mode.

Works exactly like I want it to.

I demand only the highest-fidelity white noise…

I actually found one of these at my thrift shop for $5 recently, nyah!
It is pretty nifty, and fits in a suitcase unlike the fan I has been using.

Is this the latest version with the removable/replaceable power cord, or the old one which was subject to power cord failure?

IDK if this is the same model I just got off Woot as a gift, but the one I got had the removable power cord.

Mine arrived yesterday. It has the removable power cord, you can plug it into the AC adapter or into the USB port of a powered device.

For such a small device, it makes a lot of noise! We had been using a white-noise generator app, with the phone and a bluetooth speaker. This is so much simpler than setting that up every night. In case anyone’s interested, check out mynoise dot net. The guy’s a sound obsessive. He’s got a fantastic array of sounds and soundscapes. I am in love with the cafe/restaurant one, I find it makes it so much easier to concentrate at work.

One last thing – the Amazon reviews of this device were kind of mixed, as to the lifespan/durability. The limited warranty (linked on the Woot sale page) says if there’s a problem, contact the seller. The materials in the box advertise 6 mos of extended warranty for registering the product. I think it’s worth doing.

I have 3 of these I bought over 5 or so years. We travel with one all over the world for a total of 5 months or so. The cords are all removable. They are a very small gauge wire, so it would not survive being dropped and caught by the cord. I am guessing this is the cause of most failures. The wire is small because this device consumes very little power. Overnight on a 10,000 battery, it only used 8 percent at a decent volume. I always twisty tie the cord and never wrap since it would put strain on it. I like it better than my marpac since it is 220v and 120v 50 or 60 hz where as the marpac is only 120 60hz and uses much more power, like 10 or 20 times as much. I would have spent $75 on it after using it. It can be any frequency and louder than the marpac.