LectroFan White Noise Machine

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LectroFan White Noise Machine
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Doesn’t White Noise refers to electronic voice phenomena, where voices, which some believe to be from the “other side”, can be heard on audio recordings?

This fan is ridiculously awesome. We’ve tried several models and this one has them all beat. Easily. It doesn’t “loop” noise, but rather auto generates it (sounds weird but it’s critical). While family loves them. Absolutely recommend.

Second the awesome, although my wife only likes one of the settings.

We have one for the dogs.

During the last power outage, we discovered this can run all night (at least 2200-0600) off one of those cheap phone recharge power packs.



Sometimes when I’m using mine, I hear what sounds like snippets of music, switching rapidly, like spinning a radio dial. Makes sense, since music is just waveforms and you’d figure a random waveform generator would occasionally create the same waveforms as a snippet of music.

The weird part is it doesn’t happen every time. I can’t explain why I sometimes hear it and other times I don’t.

What makes this better than say…playing white noise from a Echo or using a white noise app on your phone?

Does “White” noise matter?

Got one here a while back. Took it to a hotel recently with a small USB battery pack. Really worked great.

I bought this last time Woot offered it and I LOVE it! Much better than the fan we had been using because of the volume control and various sound options available. It’s compact, easy to take on vacation (I can’t sleep without white noise/fan/blower) but the speaker in the unit is powerful enough to make it sound robust. Highly recommended!

I demand only the highest of fidelity in my white noise…

For one, this little thing actually manages to fill the room with sound. It’s a much larger speaker than what’s on your phone, so it blocks noise on a level your phone just can’t.

For another, as has already been mentioned here, it doesn’t loop the sound like most apps and probably the Echo would–it generates it through software. Looping, especially if the loops aren’t long enough, can cause its own distraction because your brain either is disturbed by the shift when the loop starts again, or you’re waiting for it to happen, which means you don’t relax like you do with no looping.

There’s really no comparison at all. It’s head and shoulders above any other white noise machine/app I’ve ever encountered–and I had quite a few before I discovered this one.

The thing that make this great compared to other white electronic white noise machines is that it does not loop. ALL other electronic machines that I have tried loop which make it impossible to sleep. A fan or this white noise machine (the Marpac Dohm) are good also, because they use an actual fan which cannot loop.

Also this is good in a RV because all it takes is a USB port to run. Uses very little electricity.

I bought this last time around. It works great and has plenty of selection to satisfy most needs. I personally settled on one of the fan sounds.

Perfect explanation of the biggest problem with inexpensive white noise generators.

I own one of these and used it to replace the small fan I used. Highly recommended. No dust to clean off fan blades, uses way less power, smaller (and portable enough to take on trips), with a large spectrum of sounds, frequencies, and volumes. Play around with it until you find the one that seems most soothing, get the volume just right, and push a single button to activate it at night. Has a small internal battery to remember these settings between power outlets so you don’t have to find it again. I’m buying another one for my girlfriend to replace her fan.

Adding my praises to this. Bought this last time it was on Woot, and it’s a solid investment if you want a robust noise while sleeping but don’t want the air movement from a fan. The settings are simple, it’s got a nice variety of sounds to mask noises of various pitches/repetitiveness, and it can be as loud as you want/need it to be.

I found that it couldn’t completely mask a high-pitched, intermittent noise IN the room with me (an electrical noise from my fuse box), but for anything outside my room/building (chatter on the street, dogs barking in other apartments, voices from other rooms, overzealous morning landscaping crews), this works great.

We have one of these units in our Master bedroom which replaced a small fan I used for years to provide minimal background noise so I don’t hear the cat playing in the Living Room at 3am or the neighbor kids shutting their car doors at 2am.

The biggest perk I notice is that I don’t tend to focus on the sound and wait for a pattern. We have a white noise machine in our toddler’s room which is just a basic kids light/music/sound machine which I can for sure hear a pattern in. I tend to listen closely to that one and end up either swaying or nodding my head to the “beat” as it loops.

I have always just used my phone when we traveled for white noise, but this machine is fairly small and light, it will probably start coming with us on vacation now.

or… ya could get an actual FAN. they cost 1/2 of this device… wow, what a thought…

so i am super sensitive to noise, i keep standing fans running 24/7 at home and a desk fan going while at work, and on top of that i’ve used brookstone’s white noise machine at night for many many years. tried the marpac because i started getting worried about my discontinued brookstone finally kicking the bucket, plus i wanted white noise on either side of me in bed to block noise from both directions. wasn’t super impressed with the marpac, often the tone or frequency was kind of weird/irritating, and it didn’t really block other noise even when intrusively loud itself. then a few months ago i heard about the lectrofan and gave it a shot – and found it really does block noise better than my fans or the marpac. its sound doesn’t just mix with noise, it actually seems to cover or muffle it, even if the lectrofan’s volume is set relatively low. i’ve settled on one fan setting that is pretty much an exact match to my favorite brookstone setting (the one called “white noise”), and it’s been great. now i’ve just ordered a second lectrofan so i can be sandwiched between them and ditch the larger brookstone, or i’ll keep it as a backup until the brookstone dies. either way i’m relieved to have found something that works as well as anything can in a city where one is inevitably subjected to other people’s noise (obviously there is no perfect solution absent moving away from all other humans). and the price is great, especially considering its efficacy. my beloved brookstone was many times more expensive (as is their retooled model), and while the marpac’s price is comparable to the non-discounted lectrofan price, the marpac has moving parts which are likely to fall out of whack (probably like my standing fans which inevitably start to make funky noises after so much use and need to be replaced). the lectrofan is just a solid little number that does its job. definitely recommend.