LectroFan White Noise Machine

LectroFan White Noise Machine

I have this model and like it very much. You can select different white noises or fan sounds which have that low hum to that higher pitched white noise. I rotate between a couple fan noises or the simple white noise ones. 10 settings each way I believe it is and for $20 it’s way less than what I paid!

I just got this in a BOC. Anyone want to buy or trade something?

I have this and love it. It has been on 100% of the time for a couple years now, and still works like a champ. I have some dogs that like to bark at every little sound. This has helped a lot with cutting down on them noticing every noise. I have also taken it with me traveling for white noise in a hotel room, and it was awesome for that. Compact enough to travel with!

I love this machine so much, especially for the low industrial fan sounds. Does anyone know if either of the other 2 models offered (the sound+sleep) have the low fan sounds? The Amazon description doesn’t even make it clear whether the special edition of that one has them.

Lets talk! I didn’t catch it by the deadline as I was on vacation, but I had been waiting for one to come up! Pamela Trounstine @ the Google.