LED Candles: We Improved On Fire



I love LED candles, they’re awesome for a place with a very energetic cat!

Have you switched to LED yet?


Anyone know if the LED Carved set is the only one with a timer? This is a nice feature.


There are some LED candles out there that are on a timer. What I mean is, you turn them on once at whatever time you’d like, and they stay lit for some number of hours, and then automatically turn off for the rest of the day, and keep that cycle going until the battery dies.

Are any of these on an internal timer like that, or do you have to always manually turn them on and off? Thanks!


The 4 pc carved set, the 3pc set and the 4pc 3x5 set all have internal timers. The 14pc set and tea lights do not,




Can anyone tell me if in the carved set, the wick lights up vs just a glow from the pillar itself? You can kinda see that the wick on the 3-pack lights in the photo, but not in the carved set.

I have some that the pillar lights but the wick is just a little black stub… I like the kind where the wick lights.


The LED lights are sunk into the top of the candle and look like a burning wick…So these would be the kind where the “wick lights” vs the exposed black stub or non burning wick at the top.


Does anyone know if the batteries are replaceable on the tea lights?


Wondering if these flicker? I mean it’s not a deal breaker, but they’d be a lot more realistic if they flicker like a real candle.


Punctuation suggestion: We improved, on fire!


From the features description:
LED’s glow and flicker like a real fire-burning wick


In the 14 piece gift sets, you’d think they could have included 2 more CR2032 batteries for the (2) Votive Real Wax LED Candles. After all they included 8 for the tea lights.

Also, are the candles in the 14 piece gift sets scented like the other 3 and 4 pack sets?


Are you sure? Only the carved set lists a timer in the features/specs.


Anyone know if these are scented? My grandma loves the idea of candles but is too afraid of a house fire.


I won’t buy flameless candles that require batteries any longer - too much hassle to keep changing them out. I use the ones that have a recharging base with the battery built in. I keep them in the station and even on most times. Work great during a power outage too - they automatically switch on when the power goes off and become a portable lantern in essence.


Hi Fellow Wooters. This is Mark from Westinghouse. Let me know if you have any further questions on Flameless candles. I’m happy to help.


They aare, but the prices are so low, you would probably spend more on the batteries vs buying new ones. The replacement battery is a CR2032.


Hi Mark from Westinghouse, this is Marc from his house :wink:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Can you settle once and for all for us which of these items do and don’t have:

  • Timers
  • Scents (looks like vanilla for the ones that do, correct?



They all flicker.