LED Concepts 100 LED String light with UL

i just bought a couple strands of these on etsy last week:

$5 per strand (a few colors are $6 & they have more colors to choose from), $1.99 to ship (each additional strand ships free, provided you live in the lower 48). i ordered mine tuesday night and received them yesterday.

the one thing no one shows in their pictures of these things is the prongs of the plug. it’s literally just two completely straight & solid prongs. at first i thought it had one of those covers over them, but nope. because of this they don’t fit snugly in some outlets. they do, however connect snugly to each other so that’s nice, and fortunately for me, of the three (straight into the wall & two different power strips) outlets i tried, the one that they fit nicely into is the one i planned to use. (a quirky pod power strip from the container store.)

i got the warm white and they look nice, i also like the clear cord. all the effects work, but the only ones i’m really interested in are the fade & the solid. (the others seem pretty…intense, heh. friends don’t give friends seizures.)

In several places it says “UL Listed Power Supply|220-240V, 50Hz”. If this is true, how can this run on US power???

I don’t see any mention of indoor vs outdoor water/weather proofiness. I’d assume that means indoor only, but some of their suggested locations suggest they might be ok for outdoors - does anyone know…?


Great question!

I’m asking again. However, all of the examples mentioned in the features are indoor applications so I’m voting indoor only.

Can this be verified?

There’s nothing citing that the power supplies on their lights are listed, whether it’s UL, SA, or ETL (Intertek). That’s not to say that it’s automatically inferior in design, but without a third party laboratory having tested it before, there’s no assurance.

This question still hasn’t been answered. The specs call out a 220-240V | 50Hz power supply.

If that’s correct, this is useless in the USA & Canada.

My guess is that it’s incorrect and it should be standard 110v. However, it’s a holiday and I am unable to get an answer.