LED Concepts Solar LED Rope Lights

The box says white lights yet some of the pictures show different colors.

At checkout you have a choice between all white or multicolored.


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Any indication of how long the cord is between the solar collector and the light string?

Harbor Freight has similar lights that are 22 ft. long overall with 16 ft. of LED. $13 without any coupons

The wire is about 6 feet long.

I’ve purchased them in store from HF for as low as $9.99 with coupon. They lasted quite a few years of year round outdoor use.

One notable difference - the lead wire is much smaller on the LED Concepts model. ** The one from Harbor Freight** has the tubing right up to the solar panel and is more difficult to handle and/or discretely hide.

A multi-color option is also very tempting.

The harbor freight is the same length

Are these 2 wire, 3 wire or 4 wire?
Are they 12V or120V?
Are they connectable?
Are they directional or omnidirectional?