LED Dimmable Bulb 500Lumen 8Watt, 4 Pack

Happy Shopping Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these lights. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Have a wonderful day.

There things are garbage and the company pretty much ignored requests for warranty replacements.

One of my bulbs started blinking like a turn signal. I contacted the manufacturer for a replacement in June and despite assuring me that my replacement bulb is on the way (no…for real this time) it’s now September and I have nothing except ANOTHER apology after pinging customer service again and another assurance that my replacement bulb is now REALLY TOTALLY WE REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME on the way, we promise.

Who did you speak with at Energetic Lighting? Also, all returns must start with the original purchasing company (unless the return policy is past it’s date with the purchasing company you used. If you shop at a major outlet such as walmart, and the cooler you purchased had a broken handle, you wouldn’t call the manufacturer of the cooler. You would return it back to the company you purchased it from.

We offer a 5 year Energetic Lighting warranty with these bulbs. We take back items within the first 21 days if there’s an immediate issue, but we will send our customers to you after that period if they have issues.