LED Edison Bulb, Dimmable, 12-pack

LED Edison Bulb, Dimmable, 12-pack

Do they come with a base adapter?

Isn’t “LED Edison Bulb” sort of an oxymoron?
You know, on account of the Edison bulbs using a wire filament rather than light emitting diode.


The bulb referred to is the shape. If Edison had Light Emitting Diodes he would have put them in this type of glass enclosure.

Wait, are they even made of glass?

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It does not appear to be the case:

Standard E26 screw base, directly screw in wall sconces, chandeliers, pendant lights or any light fixtures.

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Just outfitted a new remodel with a ton of these bulbs but of the 4000k variety. Gives a great clean white light. I don’t think I could do these 5000k ones though unless they are behind a cover or defuser. 5000k is just too white for the home. Would feel like a hospital.


Is the E26 base a standard light bulb base?



We just did a bathroom remodel as well and used similar bulbs in the over-mirror fixture. The first set i got was not LED and i think they were like 2100k. I loved em, but my wife hated them. I replaced those with LEDs but at 4000k. Way too white for my taste. So i finally replaced those with LEDs at 2700k and they’re perfect. A little warm, but not orange. 5000k would be far too white/blue for me.