LED Flares & Cargo Carriers

The Hitch-Haul-30130513-Web Tie Down System
is 9.04 with prime shipping on amazon. not $45 like on woot! is the price wrong on woot?


Wow… Just WOW…

Very sorry, apparently that was a pricing error- we fixed it! No one bought either, which, go figure.

I think the same issue happened with the folding receiver bar as its $29.99 at the local home depot.



Same at walmart… http://www.walmart.com/ip/Hitch-Haul-Folding-Receiver-Bar/20512803

Wish the price on the flare sets were lower. I want both.

The cargo carrier does not seem to be a deal at all. I have seen this one at walmart for $59.99 pretty regularly. I bought one a while back. Nothing great. Put a full ice chest on it and everything kind of flexes and bows. It rocks back and forth in the hitch quite a bit too.

Harbor Freight has the aluminum ones with a coupon pretty often for less to. They had them for $65 I think recently.

$199 retail? Yeah right.

If the LED Flares were 20 bucks lower, I would be on them

Also, Cabelas looks like they have it for 59.99 right now (if they carry them in store and you have a store near you).

I guess woot isn’t going to change the price of the folding receiver bar? $99.99 seems like a very high price, when I can go to walmart and buy it for a 1/3 of the price. or amazon for 1/2 the price.