LED Flood Light 6-Packs - Your Choice

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LED Flood Light 6-Packs - Your Choice
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How do you get your warranty returns when they don’t last that long?

How long has this company been in business? They don’t have a working website??? www.trianglebulbs.com

Not a standard screw-in base? GU 10 base needs adapter to screw into a medium socket.

I found these listed on Amazon. Shown below is what two people had to say about warranty replacement. Before buying these I’d suggest reading through the reviews on Amazon. Apparently, they do not last near as long as they claim and getting a free replacement is difficult at best.

Good luck! I have over three dozen to replace and still no response from the company. I found information by Googling triangle bulbs. Not sure if this phone number is still valid (718) 513-3067. I don’t use Twitter but some social pressure might help.
By Christopher Brown on February 10, 2017

Good luck! I tried to contact them as well, but had no luck.
By Amazon Customer on February 10, 2017

It seems a stretch to use call this a “flood light” when it is a 50-watt incandescent equivalent. Even my table lamps offer greater lumens than this. This is barely a reading light.

Flood light > 1200 lumens

I haven’t used these flood lights before, but I did buy a couple of 6-packs of standard A19 Trianble bulbs from Amazon a few months ago. So far they have been pretty great. I bought the 3k bulbs, and they provide a nice white light that’s not blue.

I will say that Triangle pretty savagely underrated the lumen output for my bulbs. They’re supposed to be 60W equivalent, but they are somewhat brighter, but the power usage is spot on.

It is just the style of bulb. The never last and the company gets flooded with complaints.

for comparison https://www.amazon.com/Triangle-Bulbs-T10293-6-pack-Halogen/dp/B005BYZ2PI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1490283576&sr=8-2&keywords=triangle+gu10

[VMod edit: These are different halogen bulbs, not LEDs.]

Pssh, I can get a 10 pack on AliExpress for $13 with free shipping. Woot need to offer free shipping if they want to compete; shipping kills the deals many times for me.

UL (or other nationally recognized testing lab) listed? I doubt it.

Testing labs exist for a reason - to independently verify that a product’s design is safe to handle and not a fire hazard.

This doesn’t mean that non-listed bulbs are automatically unsafe, but having seen bulbs use its heatsink as a conductor (aka major shock hazard), bulbs which were simply snapped together (safety hazard), and bulb designs which overdrive their LEDs for brightness (and thus, overheat), I would not take that sort of chance.

You’re dealing with low currents, it’s not going to blow up on you. Been using mine for over 5 years with no problems so to each their own. They are all made in China anyway and they do have testing FYI. Btw the Samsung S7 was tested and yet it failed, so how much do you trust so called 3rd party testing? LOL