LED Fluorescent Replacement Bulbs - 20PK

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LED Fluorescent Replacement Bulbs - 20PK
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Can someone point me to a comparable deal with blacklights?

These are $6.75/ea.
Traditional 4-ft blacklights at home depot are $14/ea.
I’d love to get some blacklights for $6.75/ea!

I’ll wait on the T8 LED until they have the same light output as the 32 watt they’re replacing.

Interesting that these require a ballast. I bought LED T8 fluorescent replacement bulbs a few years ago that didn’t require ballasts, and eliminating the ballasts was supposed to be one of the energy savings.

During installation, I snipped the wires to remove the ballast from the circuit, then wired the incoming AC directly to the fixture sockets. Worked great.

I dunno how good a deal this is. 20 of these Philips T8 replacements are $131.62. Same deal that the ballast doesn’t have to be removed, similar specs as far as lumens / watts. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Philips-4-ft-T8-17-Watt-Daylight-Linear-LED-Light-Bulb-10-Pack-456608/206402941

Noooope. And I’ll tell you why. Ballasts are a main source of inefficiency in the whole fluorescent setup. If you’re gonna leave that in there, you might as well just buy fluorescent tubes.

Now, if these worked on ballast voltage OR straight line voltage, I could get behind that. However, specs do not suggest that they will work on line voltage. You’re looking at having to buy a new ballast to get these working again if the old ballast goes bad at some point, and they do.

Good Morning. If you are comparing foot candles at a standard level, these will put out more. If you replace 2 or three into a ceiling fixture, your area will be brighter.

Good Morning Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer. If you have any questions, please ask. Have a great day!

Be sure your existing shop lights use T8 tubes before buying these.

At least in my case, T8 LED tubes from Costco worked in my T8 shop lights but not in my T12 shop lights.

If you have a T12 Shoplight, you will need to replace the tombstones as well.

A valid point, it seems. And in cold weather (garage), are you really resolving the “fluorescent shop lights don’t like cold weather” issue? Is it the tube or the ballast that doesn’t like cold?

Full LED shop light fixtures (including LEDs) dropped to about $20 briefly at our local Costco and are regularly $23.

Benefits to LED shoplights other than efficiency & lasting longer:

  1. They turn on instantly.
  2. They don’t burn out dramatically faster when turned on and off frequently.
  3. They don’t mind cold garages or pole barns.
  4. LED doesn’t give off UV waves which cause fabrics to fade.
  5. LED runs cooler - lighter A/C load.

One thing to keep in mind is that a fluorescent tube puts out light all the way around, so some of those lumens are “wasted”. LED tubes are focused away from the fixture, so the majority of the light is “usable”.

T12 lights are generally old enough to have magnetic (versus newer electronic) ballasts.

The tombstones are taller, but have the same pin spacing. Whether they’re shunted or non-shunted is another aspect that may affect whether a retrofit would work or not.

Per the spec sheet, these bulbs are UL listed, which means they cannot require the existing fixture to be modified in order to work as that would nullify the fixture’s listing. Therefore, these have to be plug-and-play" with an existing electronic ballast.

Go to Home Depot and ask an electrical associate to show you a Phillips Brand T-8 (2100 lumens) next to a typical T8 fluorescent (2700) lumens…I’ll bet you think the LED is brighter. I’ve replaced every one of my tube lights with LED…incling a T-12 that Phillips now sells.

Tombstones are the same in both T8 and t12

Thank you for your input. T12 Tombstones are usually single pin whereas T8 Tombstone are dues pin (shunted or unshunted). On another note, if you take a foot candle meter from 10’ at the floor and compared a 1600 lumen T8 LED, you would read within 2% of a brand new 32w fluorescent (standard) bulb. A 2000 lumen T8 will be brighter.

Here is a phrase on Philips website: In Bare Batten application, this 14.5W 1600 lumens, 3000K LED T8 provides equivalent foot candles (useful light) as a 32W, 2800 lumens, 3000K fluorescent T8. Actual light output may vary due to fixture and/or application.

Here is the link to the website. It also confirms my above comment.


You might benefit from checking the ballast compatibility LED T8 bulbs you purchased. I know Philips are very specific on what ballasts their bulbs will work with. I have heard many reports of people who’s LED lights were not nearly as bright as they expected. It’s very common with the big box brand LED T8 lamps.

Am I missing something - I couldn’t find anything about the actual wattage used by these bulbs. I see they are “32 watt equivalent” but don’t see the wattage used in the title, features or spec.

The 4000K model is 20w and the 5000K is 18w