LED Glow Stick/Flashlight 4-Pack

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These are actually quite good for being cheepie lights. Nice bright glow, a reasonably good flashlight, and you can easily stick one in a glovebox or keep one at work.

Bought these last time and they’re great. I did have one that was DOA (out of 12 - 3 packs). I think it just needs new batteries, and that with a screwdriver I can get into the battery compartment and replace them.

That aside - the 11 that worked were fantastically useful for my parents’ caroling party. It’s held in a condo rec room and every year we get people who go the long way round or can’t find the place - not this year, with lightsticks stuck into balloons and set on flashing, everyone could follow the path. And at choice-points, I put signs with arrows and set up lightsticks with the glow and flashlight going simultaneously, and the flashlight aimed at the sign. Worked perfectly (aside from the one someone stole, grrr). And every one that was working at the beginning of the night still has plenty of power at the end (admittedly, someone turned them off and I don’t know when).

The flashlight is quite bright; the glow and flashing glow are considerably dimmer - not bright enough to see by, but quite bright enough to be seen. The dual mode is very handy. I’m considering whether 10 is enough or I should get a couple more packs this time…

Thanks for the product review…

Got these last time. Very orange, but fitting since they also say Happy Halloween on them…

I just bought a couple of these in Sears today for $3.75 a piece, if only I’d waited! These will make great stocking stuffers, especially at this price.

Thanks for the reviews. I bought two sets to have on hand for emergencies!

Got these last time they had them, but was sent all Halloween labeled ones. I emailed Woot and they gave me a refund. Don’t know what I’m going to do with a bunch of Halloween ones though. Certainly can’t use them as stocking stuffers as I had planned. haha

Silly little thing like that wouldn’t stop me from stuffing them in those stockings. Just make up a story to with them. They’re still useful.

haha. yes, but my family already makes fun of me for being cheap. so ill just save them for next halloween so its less obvious… :stuck_out_tongue:

had money in paypal, went ahead and did it. hope it’s here by christmas!

My family is used to my weird assortment of gifts. I’ll start putting stuff away again starting next month most likely. I buy this and that off Woot all year long. It’s always a surprise even for me when I pull all the stuff out to wrap.

According to the specs –
Automatic shut off after an hour

We moved the Woot-Off up so we could get stuff out in time for delivery by Christmas. No guarantee but it’s very likely it will be in time.

So… Will these have “Halloween” or something similar printed on them as well?

You could just make fun of them for paying retail on anything. As someone who works in a department of retail where I get to see markup, if you even pay 50% off msrp, that company is still making a profit. Don’t feel bad for being “cheap”, you’re a smart shopper.


This just in… I’ve been told that the Halloween part is just a sticker that can be removed. Silly vendor didn’t tell us they were packaged with said sticker.

Hope that helps.

Got these last time they were up (the Halloween ones) because we can never find a flashlight when one is needed. They give great light, I love the auto turnoff. Almost tempted to get more.