LED Indoor Wall Mounted Fixture, Polished Nickel

Any better pictures? Amazon has same price and faster shipping.

Try https://assets.sylvania.com/assets/Documents/LED211-%20Decorative%20LED%20Wall%20Sconce%2075257.71a1f9f3-2749-480e-a460-511690049dae.pdf

Only 2 left and then the price goes up quite a bit. Might be mispriced by that 3rd party retailer.

Bought one of these a while back. It was significantly dimmer than expected. We were going to toss it, but then realized a way to make it work. In short, the fabric cover that goes around the circumference and the glass plate that goes below are FAR too opaque. Rather than softening the light, they simply block it.
We got rid of the fabric cover and then I worked over the bottom glass with a sander to turn it into something more closely resembling “frosted glass” than an opaque disk.
With those mods done, the lamp now puts out a decent amount of light for our dining room area.