LED Lenser 95 Lumen Flashlight



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LED Lenser 95 Lumen Flashlight
$16.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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We need MOAR flashlights.


I feel betrayed and ripped off by woot! If I would have waited until tomorrow, would I have saved $. O2?


If they’re going to sell a worse flashlight for more money, they should really sell that one first


Check the distance. This beam shines further than the dual light version. Much further.


Wait, is this wootoff going straight through to the 21st?
Will die from lack of sleep!


95 lumens isn’t much. The beam isn’t even adjustable. Three AAA batteries is going to cost you plenty in the long run. For 12 bucks you can get 200 lumens, an adjustable beam, and it will run on one AA cell. Look around, lots of places for these, Chinese of course!


This would be helpful as i type the url for the secret shirt from the trading cards - IF i have to do it in the dark.

95 lumens would be plenty.

Anyone know what card we are waiting for?


I only have 8 of the 12 so far…


shoot. i only have six.


check your pm