LED Lenser Dual Color Flashlight

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LED Lenser Dual Color Flashlight
$9.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Here’s the manufacturer’s web site:

Already purchased 3 of these. 100 lumens is bright for the compact size, and the red light is a useful feature. Great for preserving night vision, especially when observing stars.

Includes 6 batteries too, its a great stocking stuffer for only 10 bucks.

Does this have a tailcap switch, or just the ones on the side?

(And in the unlikely event that it does, can it be preset to red or white?)

Perfect for sneaking up on those fat mother sea turtles during nesting season. No, seriously.

If you want to watch a 10 min video review about a flashlight… - YouTube

I just checked and found this exact model on ebay for $26, and about 6 other sites for between $20 and $30. Seems like a good deal… too bad I just bought three tactical flashlights (with no red LED) from the Woot Jingle last night!

I dunno what type of films you like to make, gross dude.

Just the ones on the side.

Previous Sale

Current sneaky deal.

I bought 3 of these last time they were up, and got 3 more this time. These are a great value. At this price, I would buy 3 more if I could.

This is one of those “buy a bunch and give to everyone I know” gifts. People will assume you paid a decent price. You just have to assume none of these friends will discuss amongst themselves the gifts they received from you. Then you look like a jerk; albeit a jerk with fine flashlight taste.

If you notice, there are two different buttons, one for the red light, the other for white light. So you can choose which one you want, when you want it.

You have got to be kidding me!

There is a newer model of this flaslight that gives you 125 lumens and 5 hour runtime, http://www.amazon.com/LED-Lenser-880040-Flashlight-Function/dp/B0054L0NQG

Also, FWIW, the sheath that comes with the T7 (LED Lenser T7 175 Lumen Flashlight), is much much better quality. The belt loop is essentially a velcro strap that is held together at its ends by a snap-button, making it compatible with Molle bags/gear. You could get this one to get the free shipping unlocked, and also get the T7 for the sheath alone (plus an awesome flashlight too).

The Dude probably gets off on grossing normal people out with verbalizing his crude fun times!

Wow…A penny cheaper then on Jingle Binge…Woot always has the best deals!