LED Lenser Dual-Color Flashlight

Purchased these last time around. Very happy with them. The case is very solid and durable, the textured (regular light) vs smooth (red light) buttons makes identifying the correct button a snap in the dark, carry case is decent, and even comes with a spare set of batteries. Bought 3, and am extremely pleased with the units. Probably going to order another 3. Have 1 in the car, 1 in the home office, and 1 in the bedroom for easy access.

$15 at amazon with reviews from many happy customers.


I bought a few of these the last two times they popped up. Gave one to each of my kids. Had the wife put one in her car glovebox and one in her purse. I have one in my truck glovebox, one in my hunting kit, and a couple of spares.

Surpringly good lights for the price and they even come with a spare pack of batteries. I only wish it had green led light instead of red.

I paid $35 at Lowes a year ago for this exact light, which is why I bought several of them the last time they were offered here. If you’re into night hiking or geocaching, one of these is a must-have item.

These are nice for hikes out to stargaze. The white light is bright enough to see the trail (though you’d better hope the rattlers hear you coming and get out of the way–I’ll stick with my T7 to actually see where I’m going.)

The red light won’t kill night-vision, but it is not a nice even light, which does make it a bit more difficult to read charts. This can be solved by placing a small piece of Scotch Tape (the translucent kind) over the red LED–do that and you have a nice even red glow, perfect for close-up work. A dab of hot glue might be a more permanent fix, but I haven’t tried that yet.

These make great gifts for all and sundry. Kids love them, particularly the little cases which they can wear on their belts.

So would this be decent for walking the dog at night? Need bright, focused light so that I can pick up after him. Seems like a lot of flashlights are too dim to do a good job. I can research but I thought someone here might just know…

I have a couple of these and gave them as gifts at Christmas. This will work great for picking up after the dog. While the beam may not be focused, it’s definitely bright enough. I’m speaking as an experienced night dog walker and poop picker-upper.

It’s a decent light.
But it uses 3 AAA batteries.

A comparably priced flashlight that uses a single AA is more convenient, and would be cheaper to use in the long run. It probably won’t have the red light though.

Three batteries gives more voltage, ergo brighter. Yes, I know there are tricks to get more from a single cell, but there are trade-offs in expense and battery life.

I bought three of these in a prior Woot sale, and I’m buying 3 more.

I use a headlamp so I have one hand on the leach, one on the “doggie bag”. Works better for me becasue sometimes I need both hands…

Got one last time around. Very nice quality flashlight for the price. My only complaint is the knurled barrel is mostly for looks, it’s too smooth. I’ll probably pick up more.

Got one last time. Very good light for the price. I’m not a huge fan of the buttons, but that’s a very minor complaint. Definitely worth the money.

wonderful lights…bought 3 last time.

Two drawbacks:

  1. The buttons stick out far from each side and make it too easy to inadvertently turn the lights on.

  2. The method of differentiating the two colors in the dark is weak IMO.

That said, $8 is a great deal for this excellent white/red flashlight.

I bought three last time and one had a bad button that kept popping off. I sent it back, but it cost me almost as much to ship it than it did to buy it. I am much happier with the Icon flashlights I bought here last year. I wish Woot would sell these again. Also, I had to toss my favorite Woot bought Kershaw knife in the trash due to the metal detector at Philips Arena Friday night. When are we gonna see these again Woot?

I have one of these in my pilot’s bag. The white light is bright enough for inspection of the rotating beacon on the top of the tail. The red is perfect for reading maps while aloft. I keep it in the case and the buttons are protected from being accidentally pressed on.

Yes this flashlight is great. I bought one last woot and use it at my job and love it. Small and bright.

These are decent lights, just don’t let your little kids smash them up.

Probably in for 1 or 2 today.

Bought these the last two times they were sold here. Gave the first three away at Christmas. Perfect light for the car and truck. They come with two sets of batteries because the retail package allows the light to be tested in the store. They are the tactical series and can be gun mounted with 1 inch rings. Just for fun I mounted one on a JGM4 airsoft rifle and white BBs look like tracers in the dark. I would buy these again.

JUst received mine from the last woot and I am pretty impressed. For a small package these are very bright flashlights. I would recommend these to just about anyone at this price point.