LED Lenser Dual-Color Flashlight

I just bought two of these for Christmas, and they are very bright. They are also small enough to easily fit into a glove compartment. They do not have an adjustable beam, however, which some lenser models have. Still, this is a great flashlight at this price.

Love this flash light and i bought 4 last time. Keep one bedside, one in my car, one in my toolbox, and one mounted on my shotgun! Very bright, very durable, great value for the price.

What kind/How much of an expense tradeoff are you talking about?

As an EE, I had to tear one apart to see what they did … hehe.


Anyway, they use the three batteries as a larger current source and not necisarrily the extra voltage. The batteries are in parallel (1.5v). LEDs are current sensitive devices - more current = brighter light. A certain voltage is needed to get them to illumiate tho. Meaning, with the same voltage, you can vary the brightness by changing the current levels.

As far as a flashlight - for $8.00 they are a steal. I picked up three last go around, and picked up more this go around. Just nice to have around and they run for a good long while on the AAA batteries. Don’t know how durable they are, but they do seem well made and were not easy to tear apart. Gave one to my youngest daughter to have in her backpack, one for the wife’s car, and one handy location at home. Need more…

My wife takes one of these along at night. Great for spotting turds…

Bought one of these last time they were on WOOT and I’ve been completely happy with the purchase. A nice, handy flashlight, plus an extra set of batteries!

I got one last time around on Woot and when i opened it the red light was on for some reason… whatever… so i go to use it later and the white light was fine for a small light but the red light was completely crappy and weak i was so pissed about to return it when i said eh lets change the batteries see if that matters. wow the white light was a lot brighter than i thought it would be and the red was amazing. basically i expected crappy cheap and got awesome cheap.

if it is weak try changing the batteries and be amazed at the awesomeness

As many others have said, it’s a great light. It was very nice to get 3 extra batteries too. Fr the price of one of the impulse rack lights at Home Depot, you’re getting a vastly superior light.

I told my mother a story of using the light from my cell phone to find my dog’s poop while walking at night. I don’t have a smart phone so no, there is not an app for that.

I found the brightest I can get my screen was to open a blank text message and use the light from the white screen to find the poop. On one of our late night adventures around the neighborhood I dropped my phone very, very, very near the little doo-doo. I still sanitized the whole thing inside and out.

After hearing about that incident my mother got me one of these flashlights. It’s much brighter than the screen on my cell phone!

I bought two last time, loved them. Buying three more this time! :slight_smile:

Bought this the last time around. and it is pretty good. One small problem: the button switches make contact if lightly pressed. So putting them in your pocket or a tightly packed place might discharge the battery.

Yeah, no. Single battery LED flash lights use constant current driver and 3 battery LED flashlights are directly driven with the batteries in series, otherwise they would not overcome the forwarding voltage of the white LED (usually around 3.2V). It is true that LEDs are current driven, but without reeaching their forwarding voltage nothing happens.

Beyond that, a single AA/AAA cell can deliver enough current to drive a white LED at 350mA, the lifetime of the cell will diminish tho.

Picked up two of these on the last round. One went into the handgun safe and the other went on my night stand. They don’t mention that both lights can be on at the same time. I used the red light the other night on a vagrant who was digging through my trash in my gated alley. He began to approach me and I hit the other button and lit him up while telling him to leave. It’s bright enough to be intimidating, I like it.

Placed on its end cap this flashlight will light up an entire room. Perfect during power outages.

I purchased one of these several years ago. It’s still blazing bright. The flashlight has seen all sorts of conditions, drops, foul weather, brief immersion, and nothing has phased it. I fully recommend this, and I took the opportunity for a couple more.

Perfect for pilots! I got 3 of these last time they were on here and everyone has made its way into my flight bag! White is great for the pre-flight, red for in flight. Comes with holster, lanyard, and spring loaded clip so will stay put where ever you put it. Good solid construction, easy to find and manipulate buttons.

I ordered three thanks to everyone’s comments (I have not reached the level of maturity required to walk my dog with a headlamp). They were on my doorstep this AM! I had to check to make sure I did not order expedited shipping :wink:

Look very bright, they are a perfect size/weight.

Just wanted to say thank you!

My daughter serves on a Navy ship in the Persian Gulf. She asked me to send her a flashlight that had a red led because she’s on the bridge at night. I sent her one of these. She liked it so much that she asked for more to give to everyone in her department. I’ve sent her a total of 7 so far. You can’t get a better endorsement than that! If it comes up again, you can bet I’ll be in for three. So will my wife and my other daughter.